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WristRevolution at #CES2014

pebble-black_thumb[2]It was only a few years ago that Tom and I wandered around the fitness tech zone at CES. It was sparse, it was lonely, and people looked confused. CEOs worked hard to explain how a band you could wear on your arm, your pants, your bra, or your wrist could do some simple tracking and maybe improve your fitness level.

Fast forward to CES 2014, opening next week in Vegas, baby!, and now there’s a new TechZone just for that – WristRevolution – devoted entirely to nextgen wearables. Sensors! Apps! Internet connected!

This – and the “smart home” almost certainly mark the start of the consumer Internet of Things.

“Weaponizing your coffee pot:” The risks of our connected household appliances

At this year’s CES, LG and Samsung showed off their “smart refrigerators” that use WiFi, apps and touch screens to purportedly make the consumer’s life easier.  Grocery lists help you keep track of when the milk will expire, apps display coupons, and even suggest recipes. The fridges look cool, but it’s hard to get that excited since the fridge isn’t smart enough to know when you are running low on something and give you a coupon to replace it – yet anyway.

But  now that the Internet of Things is really picking up steam, some are wondering whether your Internet-connected espresso maker could be hacked and turned against you. Sounds wacky? Since these devices are not always that secure, it wouldn’t be that hard to infect a household connected device with a virus and then use that device as a “man in the middle” to attack your PC.  Daniel Buentello suggests that “multistage” malware could even jump from your PC to your smart thermostat to your smart light bulb.

daniel buentello

During his “Weaponizing Your Coffee Pot” talk, Buentello gives an interesting example of a potentially lethal attack on connected household devices by exploiting the Belkin WeMo smart light switch. Yeah, potentially lethal, as in someone could get hurt.

So while it definitely sounds cool to have my iPhone alert me when my coffee is ready, it is less cool if my coffee maker also show up on a connections available WiFI list. Sounds wacky? How about the Nest thermostat, which does its auto-updates over WifI?

As the Internet of Things continues to explode  – estimates are that in less than 7 years, more than 50 billion mobile devices will be connected to the Internet – the privacy and security considerations should be paramount.  Devices need protection baked in from the start.

No big reveal for Apple today, but things are in motion…

f69d1403-79fc-4777-b8ee-c2ea2ad8f400Apple’s press conference today was underwhelming (Elvis Costello’s set was the most exciting part!), But beyond all the twittering over new colors is Apple’s inclusion of the M7 chip on the iPhone 5S that can keep track of what the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass are doing. Coupled with software that developers can use to manage the sensors means the new iPhone 5S could be your new fitness device, fancy geo-locator, and more.  Good news for those of us who have grown frustrated with the poor quality of Nike’s Fuel Band.